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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

1.43 Kava Tea and Sewing Session...

Today in the Perfekt Tension Laboratory:

821 hits!
in 13 days =) 

thanks sew much for keeping in touch.
almost finished with this sweet silver brushed steel silk cape, very sleek look.

then finishing up a custom order that had been placed, and finally working on new jacket concepts.

everything is looking great so far...

sipping on 2 kava tea bags mixed with coffee...
has a dreamy effect on a sleep deped mind as...
I get lost in the sewing machines...transmissions.

and here comes another design passing by the mountain side,
screaming to itself, i never had seen this before!
starring at her own androgynous reflection...
in the obsidian mirror.

now then when shall the seeker find its style?
and the Gods spoke;"the search is over, you have found...
Perfekt Tension