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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

3 Cycles of Mens Clothing

   When will the sewing machine gods fix my needle feed machine, I managed to reverse engineer my singer to fix the timing on the Consew straight stitch but I cant figure out how to fix the needle feed. if you have any suggestions please let me know.

   Meanwhile back at the Perfekt tension Laboratory:

   Sounds of shears cutting fabric into form, forms formulating thoughts peeling back minds eyelids, caressing the brain with artistic tentacles. bringing its host to higher level of they seek their new home I enjoy watching as each individual piece comes to life.

   I am still seeking the root of what can be "out the box" wearable for men that has not been done yet, and still my quest continues. My boredom of men's fashion grows stronger each day, as nothing evolves but T-shirts, and shoes...props to those designers but what about the mens wear?

  Not all men's fashion is bad, but its been repeated in 3 cycles over generations and it gets more and more simple by the day, we are almost on the verge of caveman fashion...labeled post apocalyptic.

   I used to think that it is because men do not like to wear fashions, but since we have been establishing in Portland, I stand corrected on this view. 

   I found out that I am not the only one who feel this way about menswear fashion A lot of the local men in the area have told me that it is refreshing to see a new direction emerging; as more inspiration flows through the streets and as we try to capture the mystery and translate it into design.

   In the end Who knows what Perfekt Tension's Style will evolve into, but for now...we are excited to witness what creations have yet come to life....