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Friday, April 13, 2012

Designer Struggles...

Dear Readers,

  Twice upon a time I have been told; "YOU! are NOT a Designer!", this is a true story. 

Stickers Available upon request.

Happened once in school and another time in the industry. 

       These words are not easy to hear but its up to you to decide if it is the truth or not. 

So my point is, if you are currently enrolled in fashion school or any art school the key to surviving is not giving up, if you find yourself saying "The reason why I am going to school for fashion is...


      "I KNOW HOW TO SHOP" <----common answer ( I was there I heard it)

then you might as well Drop Out now unless you want to be a buyer or something in the Consumer field, because shopping sense does not make you a good designer, it just means your late. 

Fashion like any other secret society gains a lot of hype and mysticism about it we conjure in some venue, dress up like we don't usually dress on a daily basis and gather for the majik to be unveiled why is unlocking this door key to great designer status? 

 I feel as if the key to fashion is within the pulse of the designer themselves, To know shopping is one thing but to direct how one shops is another and to blend all this thought together with a blank slate to feed the masses three seasons before it's time is truly knowing how to shop...

but then again most the Mainstream clothing now days is so bleh.

Truthfully I have learned a lot in the Last 6 months we have been open for business on the streets of Portland, Or. 

The amazing thing about just designing from the pulse is that you get true feedback about your clothing instead of just, "oh i like that cut" it's functional sophisticated artsy look causes sparks of conversation.

seizing the moment of silence and capturing all the designs that might be lingering inside the thought of everything around you, just remember the simple fact that it is all...Design. 

And lastly...if you feel like there is no hope left for inspiration, stay up for 1 day and a half until you are delirious, grab your pins, scissors, dress form and muslin...

P.S. Listen to No One that tells you, You cannot Design.

"keep your trends close and your enemies closer"