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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Glow of The Banshee - from Alchemichal Whispers: Insomniax Doktrine VoL. 2

My heart sinks to the bottom of the earths molten core, for I once met a stranger that was stranger than, fiction. She had a gaze that stretched across the universe for miles, and miles. My heart almost stopped, I tried to utter a word but I was left breathless. I thought to my self how can such beauty be so vandalizing, I wasn't even beset on seeking a kiss, and my heart was swept away in the winds of her mystery before I knew it. Lost in the heart beat of a banshee what sweet melody cometh from she as she waltz on the sands of the moons elliptical grace. As I once heard a quote from an unknown poet who said;"love is like war, easy to start, harder to stop" then I met you and your gaze erased away the craze of them truths we are taught are not real, and you made them so. So please wake me if this is only a dream, or if I am dreaming while awake please let not me slumber for today I found solitude in the eyes of madness that surrounds us all slowly fading away deeper into the mysteries...