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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Perfekt Order

How many thoughts do we share of the same bloodline of fashion, through ancient times clothing has been one of the roots that held cultures together.

creates a language of who comes from where personality and so on but sadly, Woman's fashion is the only thing that has evolved passed the level of what is socially acceptable to be worn by man.

Leaving men in the dust of what he can & cannot wear.
The mission that Perfekt Tension faces in this world of fashion is that, keeping the balance of wearable options for both men and women breaking the oppression of men's styles.

We live in a world of no restriction, no boundaries then why now do we not truely express ourselves in this limitless world of dreams that we now live in.

2012 is here and amongst the shift we are wakening into is the new expression of balance through clothing. A new cult has risen with the Perfekt techniques and it's trend is the Perfekt Order.

Perfekt Tension is here and it's symbolism is being seen through out the world. Join us for a movement that has been waiting to happen for the last 150 years, it is time for the fourth coming haute street wear.