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Monday, April 9, 2012

Rhythmic Alchemist

Thoughts drift, evaporating,
silhouettes become beings.
Shadows lost in darkness,
with no bodies to follow.
Why does star light,
casts no shadow...
The heart still beats...
without thoughts.
Minds still mimic...
soulless puppets,
and the silence...
is the revolution,
echoing through,
out the world.
And the world with In...
Is more real than It's reflection,
The transparency...
Is more transparent,
than the...
Liquid glass we ingest.
Walking amongst,
mirrored Images created in our Image.
As the dust falls
From nothing
Ness becomes,
Something rising above...
And the conscious mind,
Is grateful for the
Beating heart that allows,
It to create, manifest, and love.
The Alchemist...
paints another picture.

LK Cruz-Phromnopavong - 2KXI