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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Stillness of black

  Have you ever worked so hard for something that it seems as if life stands completely still for that brief moment, like your starring deep into a black hole expecting to witness change in its movement.

  The only way to see its change is by feeling it, how can you witness anything that moves as dark matter unless it births a spark of light in which in its reflection you may see its movement but then there would be no space for imagination.

  Thats why at times of feeling lost & uninspired Closing your eyes and returning to the darkness, is like going back to the womb, the innocence is felt through out your being.

  Time after time we fade in and out of great ides, but only action causes results how many times have we let our thoughts fade into nothing.

  Of those thoughts how do we know that possibilities of changing the world might have taken place since we did not execute these ideas, we individually decide what is to come into being through out the ages.

  So my friends please do not give up on yourself even at the lowest points in our lives we can find solitude behind closed eyes.