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Friday, April 27, 2012

Summer Solstice Collection

 My heart shattered into a thousand pieces when the thread broke that held the ties between fashion and mainstream. What have we woven into society that has confused the minds of the youth, to think that they are twins from separate mothers.

 What happened to the times when fashion was not a uniform but a sense of expression of the self?

 I reflect back through the looking glass sifting through each of my reflections to find the styles that

I thought too, may have been lost forever.

 Then there I be amongst all other reflections that had looked through the same glass, and we then remembered when we once were individuals. and that we had style that was not cookie cutter fashion, but raw, cutting edge, & so inspirational.

 It could be seen on the walls, in our clothes, and our hair accompanied by a dance or a name each of our character famous in its own light.

 These times seem to have died long ago, the then all of these reflections of the looking glass reminded me that history repeats itself, and that time is coming.

 We here at the Perfekt Tension labs are evolving rapidly to meet this shift in the Era of Fashion that is rising up out of the looking glass.

 Witness the shift...

 Coming into this Summer Collection.