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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Now brewing a new clutch purse...

Dear Friends,

  today I am working on a new clutch purse. will post pictures soon, hoping my mens dress form arrives today getting impatient as it has been over a month since I  had placed the order. Other than that everything else seems to be running very smoothly watching people over the last several months come and go from our booth noticing everyone has one thing in common, they leave with a smile. and it seems that ones who find the perfekt fit in one of our jackets, leaves feeling transformed...I was there, I saw it. Then again over the years I have witnessed many things I have seen to see the 80's rise of new trends and the fall back into time, and if everyone hates the 80's so much then why is it the most repeated silhouette? But as I love the 80's and all eras of the human race beyond what is written in the doctrine I see a new hope for the future of fashion. All we ask is that you be aware of your surroundings in the next coming seasons for a shift in street fashion and only you can make this evolution happen. When a mysterious look passes you by and captures your thoughts for that moment as you are spellbound by the garments movement breathless as you gaze lost in Perfekt Tension.