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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Owl Conspiracy

Pieces collide forming something out of nothing and when do we truly ever get a break?
as an artists lives a full time job as a "life" to try and make a living in a world of simplicity that has lost the urge of owning art.

Although, in our waking times we find that art is making a strong comeback, as the youth come to fill elder shoes. yet we are here to set the Perfekt Tension in motion as we strive not to follow into the fashion footsteps that they have laid before us.

We at the Perfekt Tension Laboratory are the hermetic fabric masons laying the foundation of new beginnings, A new Style that was thought to be "long Lost" but what can be lost that has not yet been discovered?

Sophisticated looks that intrigue the intellect, and bringing people together through the arts have always been a marvel to the seeker...
 In our times through out the generations the Mystery has unfolded and now we seek the symbols on the streets and now through our clothing of street fashion cults.

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