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Monday, June 11, 2012

In Thailand

Sorry folks I haven't been posting in a while, my family and I have been on a trip in Thailand, we have seen some of the Temples at Angkor Wat and just returned to Thailand.

Just to clear things up this is vacation and not a sweatshop scouting trip, I have family here that wanted to meet my Wife and our son Bodhi.

It has been amazing and like last time I was here, it has been a self realization of self.

Sort of like starring off deep into a mirror without seeing your reflection, and then finding your inner image through action.

An epiphany or awakening as some may call it, Maybe because of the ancestry that beats through the ground here.

Not many people get a chance to leave their comfort zone and explore the birthplace of their parents. Nor is everyone's experience the same.

But I am grateful I have the chance to experience this and to be here in the times of the 2 suns.