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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Masters-

A lot of people have asked me after viewing the craftsmanship of my garments so today I will tell you the Story of my school where I learned the sacred art of draping and pattern drafting.

The International Academy of Design & Technology Seattle is where I studied for my Bachelors of Fine Arts in fashion design.

I loved all of my instructors who patiently taught me the arts.

Though the courses were vigorous and intense it helped shape me into the Designer I am to this day.

So if your interested in design school in the NW I suggest you give them a call.

The classes had industry standard techniques and software also offering the technical aspects of the business as well.

During this time I got to Internship with a Master of Furs Carole McClellan.

Upon gradtuation I was assistant designer for Nilartey De Osu of Neodandi - House of Couture.

I am grateful for the skills I had obtained to help drive myself to be where I am at today my very own street boutique at the Portland Saturday Market.