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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tracing Wheel & L-Square

Well alot of people think we are an occult because of my tracing wheel and Lsquare design :)  but we are just artisians.

It is inspired by the compass and L square logo of the freemasons but I use the fashion tools cause I think of design as fabric masonry instead of stone, hence the tracing wheel and Lsquare.

But fashion is a cult in many ways and clothing are just a part of the magic.


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Meanwhile at the Perfekt Labs... this transmission just in....

Mystics meditation in caves hidden in the Ancient. The Occidental mystics gather in basements and outdoors conjuring the same spirits.

Falling deeper into the trance while dancing in the aura of transparency.

Detaching her self from her shadow she felt humble as the etheric banshee screams into the midnight sun.

Chanting until the calus is broken ultralight violets fractalized vision eyes pressed through divine looking glass of the Seraphim.