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Friday, September 7, 2012

Seeking Help Launching!!

Hello! My name is L.K Cruz P. founder/designer/owner of I Finished school in 2009 from IADT-Seattle with my BFA- Fashion Design I am asking for 1.00 donation from 10,000 people because my credit score is too low to get a bank loan so I figured that i would try asking the people of the world of reddit!!! As of now I am currently selling my products on the streets of Portland, Oregon but its not generating enough funds to go into production, since I have been invited to show at fashion week in Boston (I have exactly 1 year to reach my goal). If interested You can make a donation of 1.00 or any amount to my paypal: or make a donation to my blog tip jar All the funds received will go into fabric and Local Seamstresses in Portland will help me sew my products. everything we have is handmade in the USA. Thanks for your Love & Support!! Perfekt Tension Labs please click on this link for more info... the mission!