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Friday, October 5, 2012

Penny Stocks

I am just a normal designer working for myself, I do not claim to be a borker but I suggest if you have a few bucks to invest now is the time.

I have a few penny stocks shares for about 6 months now watching steadily. So the three stocks I recommend because they are still under $1.00per share and they are bubbling- ups and downs.

That means in the next couple months something huge will happen. It won't happen over night, but it will bring good results.

Minerco: MINE is a renewable energy company based in texas with operations in south America. The great news is they have just started a retail division for energy drinks.

Huge Market I know :) time to invest with in the next 6 months your investment will boom.

My Second Pick is POTG: just hit a penny today, its a hot buy.

Third I would invest into LOGL: its almost at .10cents so its a great time to buy.

Its not a fact that these will be super gains but my last prediction about LVLT went from 0.0007 to $23.00 in 6months.

So with anything its a longterm investment so what are you waiting for 500 shares is $50.00

When it hits $1.00 per share you just profited $450.00. You can thank me later ;)

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