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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Dear Milkcrate Preacher, (Godly Protester at the skidmore fountain, Portland, Or.)

Through breathe and meditation we achieve the alpha and theta states, and apply it in conscious living.

This can be passed down from mouth to ear. But aimlessly preaching to people and slandering them from your podium is not doing any services to your church nor is it promoting spiritual aspirations.

Instead of kicking ass for the lord.with your bull horn in hand from the top of your milk crate pedastle telling 8 year olds they are damned and should meditate and maybe you finally tap into the divine your searching for.

From what I see you sit there and talk about it preaching like a false profit but not putting any efforts into the great work. As so above As so below space does not speak it collides and expands its nature as one.

Damning people causes a seperation of the whole and since you single out people by your doctrine how will you achive the "one consciousness" as a whole part of one god you speak of.

I think you sir should sit on your milkcrate instead of standing and truly reflect on your own actions and reflect on how you will be judged in the face of God, based on your false phrophecisings actions assuming the will of others...