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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


  As a Starseed, for years I have spent my time traveling through the akashic abyss. After years of training in etheric meditation practices, breathing, and holistic healing arts with various masters of the underworld, watchers, and ancient gaurdians of the heavens.

  During my travels...I have collected these rare stones also known as crystals each harnessing its own biorythmic field.

I then concentrate the stones natural energy by chaneling it through intuitve ancient wire wrap techniques, intention, & love of the craft.

Each amulet is crafted carefully with a special blend of kundalini reiki infused alchemists crystalline selenite powder base for self cleansing.

  Copper wire and other organic metals are used which then fused with alien brewed resin ooze which once dried compressing all ingredients within the amulet creating and emitions of "orgone" energy wich is also known as prana, chi, or qi.

  This energy is known to convert stagnant negetive energy into stable healthier positive energy.

  These amulets are also said to have a 12ft. Radius of EMF protection.

  Side effects may include:

Out of body experience, psychic visions, happiness, good fortune, smooth sailing in business, protrction, and love for the Arts.

( you do not have to believe in it to wear it...everyone loves a great story ;)

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