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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I like to stroke your ego as you take a stroll through my psuedo narrow mindedness.
As you blindly express, I openly gain insights to a restless mind without thoughts...only vision.
Greeting Abramelin on astral planes, trading Enochian knowledge for Vedic suttras, while time stands still I become transparent ...
Eyes wide shut your presence is still visible in the muderous gaze of a madman, watching Sufi's piercing skin sacred acts of devotion.
As if we stand All seeing I drift into abyss of three time sphears in fluid states...and why now are we so based on assumption.
By now we should have evolutionary risen above self seperating dualistic nature to reclamation of supreme soul.
And it is still true the self is you,
And it is still true the self is I,
And it still holds true the self is We.
Releasing the veils shadow...embracing the ultimate conceptions passing through Womb of the minds eye...silver umbilical.