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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Wear Me Not: Designs by Claudia Schwartz

Wear Me Knot by: Claudia Schwartz

Claudia is an Amazing Designer, I had a chance to work with in Seattle, Her Style is very Unique and coloful. She has a lot of couture expierence and is the fastest hand beader I know on this planet. 

Each one of her necklaces are hand crafted, one of a kind. She is also a painter and a master of fashion styling/design.

As her style progresses knot only does she make amazing wearable one of a kind Jewelry pieces she also does clothing. In her home town in Mexico; she was famous for her elegant style and Couture Looks, and now she makes her New home in Seattle. 

her Website is in development but be sure to like her Facebook Page to stay up to date on new stuff.

Keep on the Look out for this Up and Comming Seattle Designer...

Oder through FB click link below for fb page
Claudia Schwartz - Wear Me Knot
twitter: @WearMe_Knot

all images copyright of Wear Me Knot