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Friday, September 6, 2013

LastWear Clothing - Steam Punk Clothing - 2013

While Exploring the worlds of fashion, 
you meet people from all walks of life. 
Inspiration can be explored from all angles of perception.
I thought that I had seen everything, 
then thoughts shifted when I discovered

 It all started one Halloween night in Seattle, 
I was walking downtowns famous Pikes Place Market.

 I could bareley see the Wall of Gum, there out of the thick fog
I was Approached by a Mad-scientist with the most amazing pair of Atome Fabrik custom goggles. 

 He urged me to go with him to see the Troll under the bridge, where he had found the keys of unlocking the mystery, bending space & time.

 We arrived at the Fremont Troll, laughing, I asked if he was high, considering it was a Halloween night.

thats when he popped the trunk of the Volkswagen Bug in the trolls grasp,
I could not believe my eyes a Portal into the Last Frontier...

LastWear is an amazing Seattle Based company and the designers are great. Not only do they have great designs but the quality of thier garments are always impeccable and very durable. 

They cater to the sub cultural misfits from all time zones, time travelers, and the undead wandering in the lands of the sleepless. 

Keep checking back on thier website as they add more looks and other things here in the webiverse.

Also if your going to be in the Edmonds area this month check out the new discoveries from Lastwear at the Otherworlds trunk show:


On the 28th of September we will be at Otherworlds.
We are bringing all the bits and bobbles from our shop.
From tops to bottoms and things you havent even seen yet!
203 5th Ave S, Edmonds 98020
time: TBD
Please Visit: & Otherworlds for more info.

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