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Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Force: Justin Zachary

Designer: Justin Zachary

While working in Seattle,
 I had the pleasure to meet and work with this Amazing young Designer, Justin 
he was still a student then and we sewed side by side.

I really liked his energy and ambition to charge at obsticles at hand. 
 he manages to focus on getting his work done with quality,
while maintaing  balance in his celebrity lifestyle.

Since then; Justin has finished school and
 he has appeared in many charity events,
and even on T.V. reality show "the look" dealing with design
sponsored by:
 Evening Magazine.

For more on this young up and comming designer check out his website:

I am very proud of Justin and see great things for his future 
and looking forward to seeing;
 what he has to offer in the future months & seasons Ahead.