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Sunday, September 22, 2013

World of Haute St.Wear

Vest By:Perfekt Tension
L.K. Cruz P.

As of now securing finaces is coming together finding the balance of my 2 year old and creating fashion has been a challenge.

Right now we gear up to show at Boston Fashion Week, This new line will be inspired by old Perfekt Tension Classics, and new Haute St.Wear looks.

As I search deep within subconscious to find a style that people will feel fresh in. it's operation trend setting for 2014 September Show.

I will be spending these next few months developing 8 Looks for the Boston show and will post pictures when the show is done. 

As for now you will be updated in poetry, news, and whatever cool lines i can find to share with you from the underground of fashion worlds.

Stay Tuned in
 Perfekt Tension.