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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

halloween masks & oddities here

Darth Vader Collector Helmet Darth Vader Collector Helmet
Darth Vader Collector Helmet and Mask Darth Vader! In celebration of the latest Star Wars film to be released in this series, a special limited edition Darth Vader helmet and mask. Made from the movie studio molds, close to the original as you will ever get. Fiberglass collectable is fully lined and can be worn. Includes a display base with numbered plaque plus Certificate of Authenticity. Available Sizes: One size fits all. This is an officially licensed Star Wars product.

X-Wing Fighter Collectible Helmet X-Wing Fighter Collectible Helmet
Get set to bring the Death Star down as one of the great X-Wing pilots of the Rebel Alliance. Pair this great helmet up with one of our X-Wing pilot costumes and you'll look just like like Red 5.

Freddy Krueger Vinyl Mask Freddy Krueger Vinyl Mask
One, two Freddy's after you... If you are a fan of the Nightmare on Elm street horror films then this deluxe vinyl Freddy mask is for you. Add a Freddy hat and his signature blade glove for a truly terrifying look.

Beetlejuice 3/4 Mask w/ Hair Beetlejuice 3/4 Mask w/ Hair
When the Deetz family moves into your home, don't call on Beetlejuice to do your bidding. That usually ends with sandworms and people dead. It's much safer to scare the daylights out of them by dressing up as the famous "ghost with the most". After that, it's time to marry Lydia and get your life back in order.

Deluxe Latex Plo Koon Mask Deluxe Latex Plo Koon Mask
Assume the role of Jedi Master Plo Koon in this replica Star Wars mask! It has all of the details to look just like this impressive Episode III character.

Imperial Guard Helmet Imperial Guard Helmet
The Emperor only trusts a certain few to guard his throne room. These Imperial guards have been trained in the best combat skills and know how to keep the darkest secrets in all the galaxy. Now you can look just like one these guards straight out of Star Wars Return of the Jedi with this great helmet.

Vacuform Halo Mask Vacuform Halo Mask
A normal day of work for Master Chief is a little different than a day at the office. His day usually includes, driving to work in a Rocket Warthog, dual wielding M6 pistols against enemy Covenant soldiers and destroying alien headquarters with extreme prejudice. Doing all that kind of stuff without a SPARTAN helmet is just an accident waiting to happen, so you'll never see him running into a fight without it. Of course, you'll probably just use it to feel awesome while playing Halo, which is totally fine with us.

Charlie Sheen Mask Charlie Sheen Mask
We don't know anything about Adonis DNA, tiger blood or being a rock star from Mars, but we think with extensive testing of this Charlie Sheen mask, we may just uncover the secrets and finally begin winning. Maybe you'd like to test it out too and see what it's like to be a warlock.

Clone Trooper Collectible Helmet Clone Trooper Collectible Helmet
Get ready to serve in the clone army this Halloween. But you say that you're not a clone from the planet Kamino? No problem! Just pick up this Clone Trooper collectible helmet and no one will ever guess that you're not an actual clone. Just be sure to use a voice that matches Jango Fett's or your secret will be found out.

Latex Tin Man Mask Latex Tin Man Mask
"If I've only had a heart!"Deep in the dark woods of Oz stands a lonely figure who is just waiting for someone to talk to. This figure is known as the Tin Man and all he wants is to one day have a heart so he could finally feel the feelings that everyone else feels.Now you can join Dorothy on a trip to the Emerald city to see the Wizard when you add this Tin Man mask to your costume this Halloween.

Vampire Bite Makeup Set Vampire Bite Makeup Set
When you wake up in the morning do you feel a little extra tired? That you almost feel like you've lost some blood while you were in dream world? You better check your neck because you may have just been the victim of a vampire attack. Give yourself the look of a vampire's favorite snack with the help of this make up kit. This is the perfect way to add a little gore to your costume this Halloween.