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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pioneer Square, Seattle - Meeting Vladamir

I was Walking in the streets of Seattle, Pioneer Square area back alley streets. 

 a man stepped out of the shadows he said he was Haitian; his name was Vladamir.

An amazing poet was he and his hypnotic eyes and soothsayer breathe bestowed upon you a prophecy written in the letters of your own name. 

I gave him a cigarette and lit the end as he inhaled and recited deep memorizing poetry, in awe i listened under the full moon light. 

intrigued by his word and his history, captivated by the mystery that surrounds him, was he human or spirit? 

perhaps a lost soul, but so beautiful at the same time and how intoxicating words can be, especially those of a stranger. 

When you come across this Stranger you may feel his soul as you have known him forever.

after crossing paths times three, friends will you become.

He talks to the spirits of the old world, in a distant kingdom that resides within the mists of our own realms.

So next time you are in Seattle in any season listen to the whispers of the concrete, and Vladamir may grace his presence upon thee.

in form of Music or Poetry...