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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Nail-ish Trends

There seems to be a nail trend latley...from sticker to rings air brushing etc...

Snake Fingernail Ring Snake Fingernail Ring
Dress up your nails with a shining cobra fingernail ring. Made to fit on any finger, the faux nail completely covers your natural nail and stays securely attached with a ring around the back. The ring winds down to a rhinestone-embellished cobra head for a sparkly, but edgy look. Chipped nail polish is so history.

3D Nail Art Mustache Stickers 3D Nail Art Mustache Stickers
Add a stylish touch to your nails with these fun 3D stickers. Apply nail polish to your fingers or toes, let it dry, then stick them on.

Neon Zebra Nail Tips Neon Zebra Nail Tips
Shocking neon zebra stripes will electrify your nails. A little tip: apply a top coat for extra shine.

Hello Kitty Nail Art Hello Kitty Nail Art
Keep your nails artfully awesome with Hello Kitty. This nail set includes the perfect digit decorators.

Bow Fingertip Rings Set of 4 Bow Fingertip Rings Set of 4
Why bother with painting your fingernails when you could slip on these faux nails for a quick, easy and enticing look? The set features two shiny silver faux nails with pink and rhinestone bows, one white with a matching white bow and one black with a matching black bow. Each nail attaches to your fingertips with a ring for comfortable, slip-proof all-day wear. Wear a set on each hand, split between two hands or leave one hand bare for an edgy lopsided look.