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Friday, October 11, 2013

October 11, 1285

October 11th. 284th Day of the year subliminally celebrated by celestial beings throughout hitory.
This is the month we conjure spirits of the four corners, the watchers of time and space.
And today on our lunar quest to find solitude in our spirits. As we sesrch for hope and wait for the ancient beings to once again grace us with their presence.
Hail, oh stars of night carry thy messages to the galaxies of old. Heed my calls to the alliance of multiverses and binary stars.
On bended knees I whisper thoughts into cosmic winds soaring beneath the sunlight. And bare witness to her light, in luminous armor beholding grace within its divinty.
Asking myself in the mirrors of third eye halls of dust encrypted Scripture scribed in glass.
Take not the light for granted.
take not the darkness to heart.
live long the souls of masters.
so told the breathe of old.