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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

OTC: EVCA Value Investment!! 0.0002 While they last...

50% Moves is how $EVCA Rolls! 2nd day after the chill get some while they last! an EV car stock that has the power of investors behind it. Read This Article on forbes website and make an investment before it breaks 0.002 the end of this week!

Also check out the Website still being constructed but operational:

here is thier story...

EVCARCO, Inc. is a New Car Franchise Dealership Group.
We are engaged in the sale and leasing of environmentally conscious automobiles, and providing aftermarket green conversion technologies.
Walter Speck, Chairman & CEO acquired control of EVCA in June, 2012.
The future of EVCA
EVCARCO – EVCA is building relationships with multiple green (electric / hybrid) automobile manufacturers and in Aug 2013 Launched is Lease Facilitator Program, allowing EVCARCO to lease new vehicles from all major manufacturers, including Chevrolet Volt, Nissan Leaf, Tesla Models, Toyota Plug-in Hybrids, BMW Electric Hybrid, Honda Accord Plug-in Hybids just to name a few.
EVCA is also developing relationships with manufacturers of alternative energy conversion technologies. We will offer both conversion kits and turnkey alternative energy conversion appliances for the current fleet of US gasoline vehicles.

Our Leadership Team

Walter Speck, Chairman /CEO
Mack Sander, EVP/COO
Jack Eversull - The Eversull Group - Investor Relation

 Ticker OTC: EVCA