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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Urban Warfare Supplies

PaintBallin th Art of Urban Warfare, Paintballing! what a fun way to spend with friends and family, making life more colorful =) here are some ides of what u need in the
 arsenal to get started.

BT M8 Paintball Grenade BT M8 Paintball Grenade
BT paint grenades are the first paint grenades of its kind to use legendary RPS paint fill. Features include exceptional marking ability and consistent marking upon impact. These grenades are capable of leaving a path of paint in excess of 30 feet which could take down an entire platoon of enemy troops. Bright yellow fill leaves a substantial mark.

Tippmann Paintball Multi Tool Tippmann Paintball Multi Tool
Tippmann Paintball Multi Tool The new Tippmann Multi Tool just about every tool you will need to working on your paintball gun. Features: * 7 16" wrench to loosen the gasline * 5 allen wrenches for every type of Tippmann marker * Phillips screwdriver * Flathead screwdriver * File with bottle opener * O ring pick * Knife

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GoG Paintball eNVy Gold Paintball Gun Package Black GoG Paintball eNVy Gold Paintball Gun Package Black
GoG Paintball eNVy Gold Paintball Gun Package Designed for entry level and field rental players the GoG Envy will hold up against some of the best guns in paintball! Straight out of the box the GoG Envy shoots a solid 11 Balls Per Second and can easily be upgraded to shoot up to 25BPS. The stock board on this baby is fully capable of various firing modes including: semi auto fully auto 3 shot burst PSP and BillBall! Easy maintainability with its Bolt Out Back design allows for full gun cleaning (inside and out) in minutes rather than hours after a full day at the field. Guaranteed to perform with either C02 or HPA the GoG Envy is also equipped with the Max Flow R vertical regulator. This enables its user consistent shooting all day! Not only consistent shooting but also the GoG Envy comes with a 2 point adjustable trigger which gives the user the ability to adjust the length and feel of each trigger pull. Couple that with the option to use any Smart Parts threaded paintball barrel (Ion Impulse NXY Shocker) and you are set to dominate the competition on the field regardless of your playing level! Features: * 11 bps (upgradable to 25 with QEV and board) * Hammer free Electro pneumatic Design * Standard Semi auto fully auto and 3 shot burst also PSP & BillyBall modes * Simple 9 Volt Operation * Mulit Gas Operation * Light Microswitch Trigger * 2 Point Adjustable Trigger * Simple Maintenance with bolt out back design * Low Bolt Pressure Anti Chop technology * Field Legal * Seal Forward Technology * Max Flo R Vertical Regulator * Vertical Feed Breech Clamping Feedneck Gold Package Includes: *Invert Halo Too Electronic Hopper (20 BPS) *20 oz CO2 Tank *Anti Fog Paintball Mask (PMI or GenX Brand may Vary) *4 1 Deluxe Paintball Harness *4 Zephyrpaintball 140 round pods (color may vary) *1 oz Maddog Drool Gun Oil *Maddog Designz Jerk Squeegee *Zephyr Paintball Barrel Condom

Dye Paintball Rotor Paintball Loader Dye Cam Dye Paintball Rotor Paintball Loader Dye Cam
The DYE Rotor Loader is a radical innovation in loader technology. Culminating from years of research and collaboration between designers engineers and professional paintball players the Rotor Loader is now the number one ranking loader taking top podium spots in tournament after tournament. The loader top shell can quickly be removed without any tools for fast and quick maintenance or clean up even while on the field. The breakdown of the Rotor Loader is so remarkably simple and efficient it can be fully disassembled in under 30 seconds. Featuring an absolutely impressive 50 balls per second feed rate and 50 000 ball shot count battery life it s easy to see why the Rotor Loader has quickly become the number one choice in loader technology among top level teams and paintball players the world over. Features * REVOLUTIONARY PATENTED ROTOR TECHNOLOGY: The ROTOR LOADER far exceeds pro level feed requirements with an impressive 50 balls per second feed rate. The constant feed rotor carousel combined with the opposing rotation of the center rotor arm provides smooth consistent rapid and dependable feed performance shot after shot. This new technological design provides unmatched performance over any other loader on the market. * LOW PROFILE: Designed with the professional player in mind the unique center feed design of the Rotor pushes balls straight down over a short distance allowing the loader size and shape to be small and low profile. * 200 BALL CAPACITY: Play longer without reloading. The ROTOR holds up to 20% more paint than most loaders while having the lowest profile. Additionally the ROTOR is also one of the lightest 200 round loaders available. Simply smaller lighter and faster. * SPRING LOADED FLOOR TRAY: The Patent Pending revolutionary collapsing floor tray allows for maximum ball capacity while ensuring consistent reliable feeding down to the last ball. The spring floor tray also ensures ball feeding while shooting at elevated targets by raising the floor as you shoot. * NO TOOLS NEEDED: The Rotor can be effortlessly broken down for basic cleaning or maintenance with the push of a button. No tiny screws and nuts to loosen parts to lose or break off. Just smart and simple engineering with the players needs in mind. * SEE THROUGH WINDOWS: Provides you the ability to monitor your paint level visually so you don t get caught without paint. * INTERCHANGEABLE CARRIER WITH SPRING LID: The transparent locking lid is integrated into an interchangeable dual density carrier. The spring tension lid allows fast loading and a secure lock on the loader. The carrier design allows you to quickly change between your lid or speed feed. Additionally the removable upper shell allows you to use a high capacity upper that will hold 250 rounds (sold separately). * POSITIVE PUSH POWER BUTTON: Single push Power On Off button with LED display. The positive push button and bright LED informs you when your loader is on or off. * JAM RELEASE TRIGGER: In the rare event of a ball jam caused by oversized or out of round paint simply give the jam release trigger a quick pull and you are back in action. * 50 000 SHOT COUNT: The Rotor provides an impressive 50 000 ball shot count on one set of three AA batteries. This new design of efficient power regulation is revolutionary and the first of its kind in loader technology.

Energy Paintball 9.6v Rechargeable Paintball Battery Energy Paintball 9.6v Rechargeable Paintball Battery
Features *Best Amperage for a 9.6v NIMH: 270mAh Can be charged 1000 times *Shoots more than 35 Paint Boxes in one charge!!! That is over 70 000 Paintballs!!! *Perfect upgrade for any spyder

BT Paintball SA 17 Paintball Pistol Black BT Paintball SA 17 Paintball Pistol Black
The new SA 17 paintball pistol from BT has a bold profile and big performance. Built on the successful US P platform this new paintball pistol has a precision milled aluminum body for durability and a new spring feed system that can feed forwards or backwards. Utilizing full size internals means this gun will perform like the big boy it is and dominate your opponents on the field. Featuring multiple Picatinny rails the SA 17 is designed with a military inspired look and can accept cool aftermarket accessories. The quick change CO2 system and easy feed tube loading means you won t get caught short when the enemy counterattacks. Grab a SA 17 and remember that size matters when the game is on the line. SA 17 Features * Precision Milled Aluminum Body * Threaded Barrel Tip for Barrel Accessories * Quick Change 12g System for Fast CO2 Changes * Reversible Ball Feed Tube will Fit any Holster * Top and Bottom Picatinny Rails Accept Many Accessories * Quick Strip Bolt and Hammer System for Easy Maintenance * First Strike Round Compatible Breech * Picatinny Rail Mounted Feed System Offers Clear Sight Line * Fires .68 caliber paintballs * 10 round magazine * 20 shots per 12 gram cartridge

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