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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Inspiration for operation Insomniax Doktrine

If your working on Operation: Insomniax Doktrine Project for YouTube you can even fuse Poems for example, here I fused 3 of my poems.

At times, feeling as if I were 1 tongue vs. 1000 ear drums...

The only thing in common is that none of them can hear me.

At times, feeling as if I am that man standing on the milkcrate..

Ranting about your sinz in the presence of God,

Dismissing my own, cause I wield the megaphone. 

As the passing of 2012 World's end...

The Pope retired & there is still talks of New World Order.

A 500ton meteor misses our planet by 2700kilom-eters...

3 asteroids hit the planet, a UFO was spotted...

And you say to me...everything distasteful & bitter...

I start Drifting...
off, back into the silence.

And the only thing we have in common is that, I cant hear you...


It occurred to me later that night as I slumbered.

Why would the gods hear us out, when we don't even hear each other.

I like to stroke your ego as you take a stroll through my psuedo narrow mindedness.

As you blindly express, I openly gain insights to a restless mind without thoughts...only vision.

Greeting Abramelin on astral planes, trading Enochian knowledge for Vedic suttras, while time stands still I become transparent ...

Eyes wide shut your presence is still visible in the muderous gaze of a madman, watching Sufi's piercing skin sacred acts of devotion.

As if we stand All seeing I drift into abyss of three time sphears in fluid states...and why now are we so based on assumption.

By now we should have evolutionary risen above self seperating dualistic nature to reclamation of supreme soul.

And it is still true the self is you,
And it is still true the self is I,
And it still holds true the self is We.

Releasing the veils shadow...embracing the ultimate conceptions passing through Womb of the minds eye...silver umbilical.

Who holds patents on,
Atomic Bombs?
                  I thirst for,
Atomic Wordz...they say.
Hey mr. post man,
                         ...would you,
       play a song
    ...for me.
Please let it not be,
Star Spangled banner,
I have yet to see freedom,
between all this banter. cyber Tron ica,
Cyber punks gathered,
       a thousand tounges,
          Twist the minds eye.
         ...shallow, is the shadows, empty graves, and rotting tomb stones, closed cashket funerals.
  Six gun shots to remind us of,
Where were we but in the womb, when the cold war froze over.
       Into the NeXt Ice Age,
We are survivors,
          A kin,
     helter skelter.
            The homless still seek,
                 cardboard shelter,
        50% of them
             military  veterans.
50% of them are children.
Addicted, afflicted misery, striped of integrity...they served.
           ...Our land,
souls sold to needles,
upon return to a common,
   thread of epidemics.
       And in the minds eye,
                  the cold war,
          This Great Depression
   ... on the streets of the World, is not yet over.
        We see in the the reflection,
          this Ground Ground Zero,
            when 2 towers fell, and                           birthed heroes.

Sitting illumed in candle fire surrounded by walls gazing, bricks of flesh, wonderingly if they are listening.

I speak the silent tongues of the halls beyond thoughts of mortal men...

I hear the moons thoughts in shadows of trees, whispering to the skies in light of star's.

I see Scriptures of the Ancient ones, scribed in the suns rays...
mystic tear drops falling from eyes of the rainbow.

Surrender to the mirrors reflection in stillness of Akashic reservoir scrying inner cosmos...

While drifting in Saturns rings.


Are they harmless?

To Spell...if only we could fathom.

And what do the darkest hours bring? 

That aha moment of light bulbs...changes worlds.

We live on the circles crust failing to reach deep into it's obsidian center of ourselves.

Internally we wander into the moonlight inhaling her auric  cynders.

Seeking the pages hidden deep within eternal heartbeats ...