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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Best Selling Penny Stock Book!!

I started paper trading stock in 2008, finally at some point after all these years I understand the only reason why trading stocks was complicated. it was because I myself thought it was complicated. "The secret art" of what i had to do was simplify my mind and put all expectations to rest. the good thing is my broker does not charge inactivity fees or i would be in massive accumulated fees.

Since then I met a lot of gurus, and one taught me the art of Zen Trading, through watching Forex charts. with any financial involvement there is no guarantees just like anything in life that involves money, comes risk. Only put in what you are willing to lose. and if you are in the OTC markets bare in mind there is a lot of risk going on so 20-50% gain is profits, better to walk away with something in case of the fall you still have cash to get into the millions of other trades that are posted daily.

One must consider that trading stocks is a business, you get up early in the morning, trade 15min-4hours up to you, it your portfolio and your business. invest in companies you want to see rise, and not just because your trying to make a quick buck, if you wanna throw away money your better off at the tables of craps and roulette, or the slot machines if you want to walk the path of the gambler.

But in my 6 years of trading stocks I learned one thing, a business mindset with a ZEN state of mind will carry you far, because you will make more rational decisions on trades. Simply because most gamblers get anxious or upset which in turn causes an individual to make irrational decisions.

"Win some, Lose some, Win Big, Lose Big, but Never Lose All" - Make it Rain.

have a game plan, a goal, research companies and eventually you might get into options trading or Forex or big caps, but for now check out my book Penny Scryer

Best of Luck! 2014

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