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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Extra Income?

Hello folks,

Since I have been a stay home father many of my friends ask how I make money to pay bills. there are plenty of ways to make money online. I like to play virtual stocks and I write alot.

I have written a few books and they are doing great!

my titles are Penny Scryer,Trade Scryer, Insomniax Doktrine, Alchemical Whispers, The Works of LKCP2KX, & From Daymares to Daydreams

Ebooks are a great way to express yourself and earn some extra income by shareing your thoughts and ideas with the world. I also do various online jobs such as I like text broker because you write freelance articles at your own pace and leisurly time.

How much you make will depend on the time you put into it. just like investing into the stock market. you have to wait a while to see a return on your investment but it does and will pay off in the long run.

However if you decide on writing a book and it does not sell right away do not give up on the first try! many self published authors do not succeed until thier 4th or 5th book but eventually people catch on.

There are tons and tons of legit ways to get paid online! 

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