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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Whispers in the night

Sleep walking, among the dead I hear her whispers in mumbled tongues. As thoughts drift the dead awake, souls inspire imagination. They now see past the shepherds veils as the deaf hear the wise,and blind see clearly. The leprosariums are seen as equals. Eternity passes every millisecond of a lifetime, faster then the blink of an eye. The earth revolved around the sun in the center into the moon she gracefully surrendered. Caressed by stars and skies, compressed all at once in the minds eye seek truth and keys of extremity, yet failing to hear its endless beating drum of eternity. Her whispers, then became a voice, mumbles into meaningful words, and the dead rest peacefully. She used this new mastery to sing them songs, of wonders of life hidden in its history. As they travel the path to cross the worlds, embracing wisdom they once took for granted. Weightless and free it is to be when dwelling into the depths of silence. LKCP2KXIII