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Saturday, March 22, 2014

People Wonder...why stocks?

People often ask me how i am good at stocks? I tell them that I studied a lot there are many online sources available obviously. I do not subscribe to news letters I just surf forums and look up the tickers i see and research till i find a company I believe in. In our modern day society though there is a lot of "deception" like stock bashing and pumping. I like to think of it more as "survival Tactics" in such a compressed world of thought we are literally moving into a consciousness based society because more and more people are in front of their laptops every second and as you read this article, you are in consciousness loop and possibly have more than one tab open r multiple windows. The only advice i have is there is no 100% method with stocks. to me its all about "Mind Set" i explain this in a book titled "Trade Scryer" part two of my book "Penny Scryer". In order to efficiently manage a portfolio into 6 figures is a lot of work I my self have not made 6 figures on a cash account yet, but i have broke over a million on my Virtual Stocks Portfolio, It took a while to gather enough patience to work on this because I was inspired by all the "Trader Success" Stories one may randomly find while surfing the web some may even charge you thousands of dollars for the skill set, but one thing no one covers is "Mind Set" which is a important factor when you are trading.