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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Perfekt Tension - 2014 Collection "Going Batty"

 After months of contemplation in the Perfekt Tension Laboratory i found source of inspiration from the depths of madness, 2014 Collection will be called "Going Batty" channeling the emotions of self into garments to keep the sanity of everyday life.

 If all goes well I will be showing in PDX and Boston August and September, will keep you posted. it has been many years of struggling to make this happen and almost lost myself into the abyss of a blank mind.

 There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning to feel uninspired, and there is no greater fear for a creator than a blank mind or everything halted in a stand still.

 Frozen, lifeless, then you find yourself in a quiet dead space. with nothing around you. when all turns to white walls you start to remember you are the creator. you are the one that makes things the way they are.

 Find a way to breathe life into these non active elements. Awakening into a dance of life like the Sufi who reaches the light of Allah, or the Priest who reaches the Holy Ghost, The Buddha who reaches Nirvana; all these may feel like the same bliss of experiencing creation.

 This Going Batty Line will take elements from expression, occultism, mythology, east and west fused to form the 5th race of fashion.