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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fashion - New Age Rise of Couture.

Fast fashion in the "long Run" will end up costing you more money to fill the closet up once a month on cheap items. Why not invest into garments that are made with quality in mind? Sure you may spend 100$ more on one item but it will last long than your 20$ H&M gear that u get 5 for 100$ but less room in the closet.

With higher end items they are usually timeless pieces and even become collector items, so you may very well get a better return on investment if the piece goes vintage and stays in top quality shape. in some cases it could even be worth more than you had originally paid for it.

Well its up to you spend 300$ on a closet full of crap or spend 300$ and get 3 items to add to your style War Drobe that will last an eternity, That will last more than two trips to the club, That will still get you compliments in 30 years. Clothes that will still be in style r it has been passed down 10 generations still looking fly.

this is the New Age where is the New Couture.