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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Becoming a Fashion Designer Without a Degree @ age 13

Nobody is too young to become a Fashion Designer or start your very own fashion line-
and Isabella Rose Taylor- proves to everyone that dreams can come true.

launching her very own fashion line at age 12.

Isabella, now a mere age of 13- has just won a contract with large department

store 'Nordstroms' in the United States!

 She is also set to debut at New York Fashion week later this year!

Isabella has achieved what many designers only hope for at age 13!

This just goes to show- the fashion industry isn't prejudice- you can be successful at any age-
whether it be 12 years old or 40- When you have talent- you have talent!

Born in Austin, Texas, Taylor has always been drawn to art. Isabella started sketching fashion

designs and creating dream boards at age 8, and knew that this was the career path that she

wanted to take. Her parents sent her to her first sewing camp at around age 10.

"I did a trunk show at a couple boutiques and I sold out most of my stuff. So, I just put all of

my things online and started selling online," she said.

Suddenly her designs, which were already being showcased in Austin, got a global following.

Well-known designers like Charlotte Ronson began mentoring her and offers started rolling


Nordstrom just last week ordered 13 pieces from her collection to put in stores across the

nation, making Taylor one of the youngest designers for a major retailer ever.

“It just started out as a really fun hobby and it grew into a business,” Taylor said.

 When asked what she tells other young people about her achievements, she offered some


"I always talk about setting goals. Don't limit yourself, like, let your mind dream as big as it

can. And ask for help because a lot of people will give you such great advice and wisdom. And

I would not be where I am without that advice from all these people," she said."

Having a Fashion mentor can really help you get started as a designer- someone to help guide

you in the right direction, and give you the helpful tips to make you successful.

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