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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Trials of a fashion designer.

If you are thinking about going to fashion design school there are lots of things you should consider. My name is Lance I have a BFA in fashion design. I chose the path of self employed which is a blessing and a curse in a world birthing over 10,000 designers a year.

Though its taking a lot longer than I have expected The journey to Becoming a Famous Fashion Designer is no easy task. It will take a lot of determination and more than just creative imagination. A good thing to know is your textiles and how it functions in your mind.

That way it will save you some time trying to figure out what will work on the body. If you you want to work in the Industry however it may be a very rewarding career path for you. There are more than just "fashion designer" positions you will get from getting a Fashion Education. But Keep in mind that going to Fashion School like I did is NOT cheap.

A great Alternative to seeing if design school is right for you is investing into a course like this
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When I was going to school Most of the designers dropped out before they finished 2 years. Racking up Thousands in school loan fees. This is a Great Deal. Click Here! if I had found this course sooner I would have taken this first then decided if I wanted to pursue a career in fashion or a Freelance Designer.

As a Freelance Designer you do not need to have a fashion design degree, unless you plan to work for a company. then it is vital you pay your Dues, to Fashion School.