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Saturday, October 4, 2014


 Have you ever wondered what you are? why you were, or even there...from where do we become. If we since birth are taught to fear, ones own reflection. I walked outside for the first time in 10 years yesterday and it felt like astral projection but tell me why I walk by all neighbors in silence. Yet here we are left wondering why it is much easier to hold a conversation in the grocery store, with a complete stranger via mobile...serene.

 What is this toxic stench in the air that surrounds my being like second hand smoke stacks of boiling cabbage. I seen a Opossum flip its stomach inside out as children hung upside down from monkey bars swinging...back and fourth singing. While we spun on the Mary-go-Round, hailing scriptures raising road kill from the depths of the heavens.

 Call fourth the birds from 9 hells pitiless ens-amble... Sounds of the crypts Apocalypse soothed from lips of our leader, Thoughtless children shed no tears living amongst the living, walking with the dead. She rode a seahorse into the sunset and whispered to the trees her fantasy of making love to sea turtles. And you ask me again. Who are you? I have no answer to something I cannot even fathom.